Feng Xian Campus of Shanghai Normal University


  Shanghai Normal University’s Feng Xian campus is located in the southernmost tip of the bay tourist area, with the Hangzhou Bay to the south, north of Shanghai comprehensive industrial development zone, east of the Pudong development zone, and west of Shanghai chemical industry park. Feng Xian campus is also about 50 km from the city center

Feng Xian district is about 1,132,759m2, 250,000m2 of it is dedicated to school construction. Within Feng Xian district, there are about 11 college campuses with a total of 10,000 students. Typically, many engineering students study on Feng Xian campus for 2-3 years, then go to Xu Hui campus to finish their studies.

 With multimedia classrooms and vocational training for metal working and electricians, Feng Xian campus provides a great deal of opportunities for their students. The campus library has over 400,000 books, along with its own personal website. The campus is also home to many sports facilities including football, basketball, tennis, gym, etc. 



  Transportation :

School shuttle bus


  People Square :6:30a.m/7:50a.m/8:50a.m/10:30-12:00a.m/19:30p.m


  People Square:19:30p.m


  People Square :19:30p.m


  People Square :19:30p.m


  People Square :17:30-20:00p.m

XuHui Campus:17:00p.m


People Square : 14:00-20:30 p.m

XuHui Campus:16:00-20:30p.m