2015-2016 SHNU-WSU Business Plan Final Competition finished successfully

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 On May 8th, the 4th WSU-SHNU Business Plan Final Competition was held at the NO. 2 Conference Center, Shanghai Normal University. Jeff Steagall, the dean of Business School at WSU, Dave Noack, the leader of Global Entrepreneurship Program, Claes Lindgren, the Operation Manager of Global Entrepreneurship Program at IKEA Asia Pacific, Hejia, the Deputy Director of Youth Entrepreneurship Project at SHNU, Fuyi, the leader of Finance Specialized Master Program at SFB and Wang Xiaohua, the member of Innovation & Entrepreneurship Teacher Team all presented at the Final competition as judges.


WU Cheng, the director of International Relationship Department of SHNU dressed the opening speech before the competition. Dean MAO of SFB and Dean Steagall of WSU also gave short speech for encouraging all the students to learn more knowledge and skills from this competition.

75 Students of the 17 groups who participated in the competition all dressed in suits, and were full of spirit. They introduced the team’s business plans and answered the judges’ sharp questions with fluent English. All of them showed good teamwork.

Eventually, Group “Sanchan” won the champion and $5000 as bonus. Group “Pu Ting” and Group “U-Bike” got the second and third and receive $3000 and $2000 as bonus. Professors and students from WSU, UVU, Marne-la-Vallee University, Clermont-Ferrand I University and UQAM also observed the final competition and cheered for every student.

WSU Business Plan Competition is an international student entrepreneurship competition held by SHNU and WSU, which has been successfully held for 4 years. Next year, the competition will continue to provide a platform for students and improve its selection mechanism and the training requirements. Welcome all the SHNU students to participate in the 5th WSU-SHNU Business Plan Competition, registration will be announced at the SFB website on September.