Sports Meeting in Fengxian Campus

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On Oct 19, 20 International Students of School of Finance and Business went to Fengxian Campus with Chinese students to join the Sports meeting. Some students played a football match and some played basketball. After lunch, a lovely campus tour was leaded by Chinese volunteers.

At 13:30, all the students met at Classroom to meet Autumn-Stone Seal Cutting Club and Han Costume Club. The club members presented wonderful shows with instrument performance. Afterwards the International students put on the Han Costumes and took pictures. Some tried seal-cutting with the instruction.


Although it was raining outside, students’ still went to appreciate the view on the Fengxian Bay where some German boys even jumped to the cold sea water to swim.
A whole day visit in Fengxian Campus and exchange experience with Chinese students really bring a lot of fun and happiness to all the participants.

Those foreign students said they would come back to Fengxian Campus again in two weeks. Let’s look forward to the the Halloween Party in the end of this month.