Internship Program

nFirst Semester

1.Chinese Language127 hours,10 credits,15 weeks

2.Chinese Culture36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

3.Marketing in China36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

4.Chinese Trading & Investment36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

5.Chinese Finance Market36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

6.Chinese Law and Politics36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

7.China Business Law and Practice36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

8.Strategic Management36 hours,3 credits,15 weeks

9.Cross-culture on-field Study12 hours,1 credits,3 times

10.Industry Tour12 hours,1 credits,3 times

11.Cross-culture negotiation(new)

12.Other CoursesBusiness Environment in China ,Chinese Industry Economy ,Corporate Culture Comparison , Shanghai History and Culture ,Chinese Insurance Market , and others.(Opening of these class depend on faculty availability and class size )

Note: Recommend students to choose 18 to 24 credits, Which request 216 to 288 hours in total , equal to 14.4 to 19.2 hours per week.

nSecond Semester

1.Internship 10 credits

Internship period: 3 to 4 months

Note: Students are encouraged to find internship by themselves ,SFB has responsibility in guiding and assisting students during the process , but not guarantee for any internship position .

Internship Report is a need if students need certificate to be issued.

 Tuition and Fees

lRegistration fee : 200 RMB

lTuition: 700 RMB/credit

lIndustry Tour and Transportation: 150 RMB/Student/time

The textbooks are bought by students according to actual needs

Resident permit and visa extension fee need to be paid by students who need.


-----SHANGQIN Holiday Hotel (South Station )

150 RMB/night/twin room

-----GUO JIAO (Shanghai International Center for Educational Exchange )

100-150 RMB /night/twin room (live more than 1 semester )

-----Rent off campus on one’s own will.