Regulations on Classroom Management


1. Serious classroom management, strict class discipline, rigid rules on students’ attendance, all contribute to a positive learning atmosphere of students. As mirror of students’ learning attitudes, attendance is surely part of their final assessment of courses. In order to promote classroom management and to standardize classroom teaching, Regulations on Classroom Management for International Students, are formulated, which we require students and teachers to observe.

2. Neither teachers or students shall be late or leave from class, and classes are taken in specified rooms. Those students who are 15 minutes late or over shall be noted as absence, for which teachers can keep them from attending class. Students need ask their teacher for permission if they have to leave from class. All cell phones shall be switched off in class session.

3. Teachers shall keep an attendance record, and note down clearly of absence, lateness, leaving early from class, leave of absence for private business, for public affairs, for sickness etc. in teachers’ graded copies. Teachers shall keep all information of students’ attendance, and contact student counsellor in case of any absence of students.

4. Students shall ask their counsellor for a leave in case of sickness, private business or public affairs. Students shall submit deferred notice for absence in case of emergencies. Clinical reports shall be rendered for sickness.

5. In final evaluation of a course, class attendance takes 20% of the final grade. 50% will be taken out for any unguaranteed absence, 25% for absence for private business, 20% for a lateness, and no deduction for absence for sickness or public affairs.

6. Teachers shall confirm reports of students’ absence of the semester (all absences, including guaranteed and unguaranteed absence). When the total absences add up to one third of the total class periods, or when there are 3 unguaranteed absences or over, the student shall be disqualified from the final exam and go directly for make-up exams. Those who never turn up in class shall be disqualified from all evaluations of the course.