International student Management Regulations


1. School Calendar Policy
International students strictly observe all rules as in Class Attendance Policy for International Students of the school of Business, SHNU.

Students enroll and attend the school by observing the school calendar, observing China’s national holidays, summer and winter vacations. Classes are mandatory in time of Non-China’s holidays. Travelling and working are forbidden in normal semesters. The national holidays of the semester are attached in the class timetable.

The class of International students will be arranged for 15 weeks according to the school calendar of Shanghai Normal University. One week holiday for Christmas is the only exception

2. Course Change and Selection policy
With regard to the course of Chinese, if students need adjustments of Chinese
course levels to their needs, they can submit a written application for considerations from the college.

With regard to optional courses, after a trial in the first week, students need
confirm the course by Sep 19. Students are kept from changing the courses after confirmation and are supposed to attend the course formally.

3. Exams and Course Evaluation
1). The final grade consists of attendance 20%, regular grades 20% and final grade 60%. Regular grades are from class participation, mid-term exam and other tasks.

The courses that end and proceed with final exams before the end of normal semester shall follow the schedule of the weekly course period. The courses that end as scheduled shall proceed with final exams following the general exam arrangements of the college.

2). The exam question types are decided by teachers, varying from writing, listening, speaking, or term papers. The students who are excused from taking final exams can apply for a deferred exam after a formal permission, and are graded centesimally.

3). Exam is graded centesimally:
90-100 for excellence,
80-89 for very good,
70-79 for good,
60-69 for pass,
below 60 for fail.

There is one make-up exam for each fail mostly during the second week after the final exam. Pass or fail will be marked for make-up exams. Deferred exams, together with make-up exams will be scheduled at the same time, and no make-up is arranged for deferred exams. Those with no application of deferred exams are considered as giving-up. They take the make-up exam directly, their grades marked as pass or fail.

4. Dropping-out from the school
Students have the following status need to quit the study in Shanghai Normal University.
- A confirmed medical case of mental disorder, epilepsia, or other serious diseases that stop students from school learning.
- An intentional dropping-out.
The students with the following conditions shall be discharged from school:
- Any severe violation of school regulations.
- Any severe violation of Chinese laws and regulations.

5. Schooling Certification

Those students will be awarded certificates of Shanghai Normal University if satisfying the following requirements: no violation of Chinese or school laws and regulations, no misconduct; fulfilling all required tasks of learning: passing all courses under the teaching program, including dissertation, internship and visiting etc.